so you think you’re NOT crafty–wrap bracelet tutorial

i’m andi…..and i’m crafty
by “crafty” i simply mean, i like to do crafts.
i do NOT mean that i do crafts well all the time or
that i am some creative mastermind.

actually, the opposite is quite true–
i don’t know how to sew,
never took an art class,
hated making bulletin boards as an elementary teacher,
and didn’t own a decent camera until a few months ago.

even so, thanks to a little thing i discovered through this blog world,
i, too, can put myself in the “crafty” column.
what is this magical discovery, you ask?
read my lips—

God bless them,
they are everywhere
and boy, do they make the creative side in everyone pop out of places you didn’t even know where there!

case and point:
i don’t know how to sew, but i made this using this tutorial:

i never took an art class but i painted/stenciled a whole wall using this tutorial:

i didn’t even know there was a manual mode on cameras, but i took these using multiple tutorials:

what’s my point?
there is creativity and craftiness in us all
we just have to be willing to try something new….
learn from others,
and be gracious to ourselves if every project doesn’t turn out like we wish they would.

today, i’m going to help you on your path to being crafty with a tutorial for making wrap bracelets.

they seem to be all the rage these days.

1, 2, 3, 4

here’s what you need to make your own: (i got everything from joann fabrics)

1.  1 piece of leather string (length of wrist x 3 for a double wrap OR  x 7 for a triple)
2.  beads
3.  thread (around 10 feet)
4.  needle
5.  button or other closure bead
6.  clear jewelry glue (optional)
7. clip board and additional clips or tape


  • measure the leather, 
  • thread the needle (pull through and line up ends–tie a knot in the bottom of the thread) .
  •  thread leather through button and line up ends so that they are even lengths
  • add the knotted end of the thread with the leather and tie a knot with all three strands.
  • pull the knot close to the button.
  • put the knot under the clip on the clipboard and separate the three strands (2 leather, 1 thread)
  •  also tape or clip the bottom of the leather strands (leave the thread free)
  • start by weaving the needle/thread OVER the right strand of leather, then UNDER the right strand, then OVER the left strand, and back UNDER the left strand.  it is a basic figure 8.  don’t use any beads and just do that pattern for a good 7-10 times.  make sure the thread is nice and tight to secure the ends of the beads.

  • make sure you always hold the non-needle portion of the thread out and up so that the needle (new stitch) goes “under” the old stitch–do this for both sides
  • when you are ready to start with the beads, add it after you go UNDER the left strand (before the beginning of a new figure 8).  continue with OVER the right, UNDER the Right……

  • but this time when you go UNDER the right, go back through the bead, then continue with OVER the left, UNDER the left…..string another bead.…..
  • pull it tight and continue doing this pattern for the next gazillion beads.  you will get into a nice rhythm and it goes fairly smoothly and fast.  just make sure you are pulling it tight and keep the new stitch under the old (see above).
  • when you get to the place you want to stop, do the figure 8 stitching again for 7-10 times to secure the other end.
  •  including all three strands, tie another knot and pull it tight against the stitching.
  •  tie a second LOOSE knot an inch or so from the first.  check to see that the button will easily fit into it.
  • also place the bracelet on your wrist and check to make sure it fits properly.
  • now, go ahead and tighten that second knot.
  •  when you are positive the length and knots are good, cut off the excess leather strands.
  • i also added a bit of clear jewelry glue to each end (on top of the thread) to secure it from slipping out.  this is optional and probably unnecessary as you get better at keeping the knots/stitches super tight.
  • wear your “crafty” creation proudly and experiment with different beads, leather, and accessory details.
if you still think you’re not crafty and decide to buy one instead of making your own….stop by Lee La La’s shop–her wrap bracelets are so pretty!

WOW, this project was featured on:  Occasionally Crafty!   thanks so much!

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  1. jesse {GoodGirlGoneGlad} says:

    This is super cute Andi!! Great job!

  2. Great tutorial. I have learned many cool things from tutorials.

  3. Super cute!

  4. I love this tutorial..thank you for sharing-I think I just might have to propose this for our next craft night around here! Wish you were here to participate!

  5. Amy@One Artsy Mama says:

    Those look great! I'm always looking for new jewelry ideas…thanks for sharing! Saw you at Tip Junkie.


  6. Totally awesome! I MUST make some!

  7. Heather from says:

    Girl, these came out so good. I so want to make some..thank you. It's awesome, really.. and I love the ones with coral.:)

  8. I LOVE the bracelet idea! Been loving the layered bracelet look for awhile and this would be such a fun way to do it! Thanks for sharing Andi!!!

  9. Valerie@Occasionally Crafty says:

    Thanks for a very clear tutorial! I'll be featuring this on my blog tomorrow for Three Things Thursday. Hope you'll stop by, check it out, and grab a featured button if you like!


  10. The Answer Is Chocolate says:

    Thanks for this great tutorial. I have seen these and have wanted to make one and your tutorial is fantastic.

  11. someonesgottapay says:

    Just like the good ol' friendship bracelets…. only much cuter!

  12. awesome! i'm going to try this. thanks for posting!

  13. Christine says:

    First off… I LOVE the way you post!

    My daughter has been asking me to show her how to make fabric bracelets.. Last time I made some was over 15 years ago hehe… you have given me the inspiration make some again.. thanks :)

  14. Kara @ Mine for the Making says:

    I have wanted a wrap bracelet for so long but they are a little expensive. I LOVE that you shared a tutorial. Such a beautiful bracelet. Im excited to try this tutorial out :)

    Id love for you to link this up to this week's DIY Diva Thursdays…a party just for fashion :)


  15. Love this and LOVE how easy you made it seem! I can't wait to make my own! :D So glad I came across your blog!


  16. I used to make wrap bracelets using a needle but I found this tutorial online and it is so much easier- what used to take me a week now takes a few hours.

  17. Hola! I’ve been following your web site for some time now and finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from Kingwood Texas! Just wanted to say keep up the good job!

  18. Its a fun project to make, love the way you have shared a step by step photo. although i make jewelry, i run out of ideas to make bracelets.
    Share your thoughts on my facebook jewelry page

  19. Excellent post! We will be linking to this great post on our website.

    Keep up the great writing.


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