easy applique birthday shirt (by a non-sewer)

Brother is closely approaching his first birthday (November 18th), and I am preparing to make his birthday special.  The first DIY project is the bow tie applique birthday shirt for his “Little Man” themed party.

here’s how i made it: (disclaimer, i really am not a sewer and if i can do it, so can YOU!)

applique rogan



pattern for shape


fusible webbing (Wonder Under) found at Joann’s Fabrics

sewing machine/thread


plain cotton shirt

directions:  wash both fabrics BEFORE doing the project!

applique 1_edited-2



stitch slowly around the fabric making sure to catch the fabric and the edge (to help with unraveling after washing).  be extra slow and careful around turns and curves.


definitely not perfect stitching, but not bad for the first-timer!

applique birthday shirt_edited-1

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honestly, it wasn’t nearly as difficult as i had thought it would be and i think it turned out pretty cute!   if you applique something using this tutorial, i would love to see the finished product!

thanks for stopping by~

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  1. That’s so cute! I have a sewing machine but am scared to death to use it. It intimidates me. But I might have to give this a try anyway! Love your creativity :)

  2. wish i had a sewing machine to do this for L! sooo cute!

  3. I need a sowing machine! Its on my “to buy” list as soon as we get a bigger house. Cute project!

  4. Hey! I came across your blog today, and it really inspires me. I love your little corner of the blog world:) Come follow me back, please? http://www.discovercaptivating.blogspot.com

  5. ADORABLE! And I know that you said if you can do it anyone can, but I am terrified of even trying to use a sewing machine! I tried once and got thoroughly confused and frustrated (I vaguely remember wanting to cry!) – but if you say it is possible maybe I will try again! ;) Thanks for sharing and I can’t wait to see more of what is planned for the party! :)xo

  6. awww SO adorable!! i don’t even want to think about my baby turning one, though. i’d be a mess right now if she was close. your little guy is so cute.

  7. He looks so cute in his shirt! Gosh time flies!!

  8. It turned out great. Your little guy is so cute! can’t wait to see what else you have in store for his big day!

  9. LOVE your blog!! and that is adorable! stopping by from the blog hop

  10. I don’t know which is cuter, the little guy or the outfit!! Okay, okay, I’ll say the little guy. You twisted my arm!


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