photo friday: watermarks & a link party!


we see them all over the internet (primarily on professional photographers’ works of art) to prevent the unlawful use of someone’s work and for advertisement purposes.  i never really thought I (amateur that i am) would need one, but, i recently was reading THIS POST at House of Hepworths and it really made me think about creating and using my own watermark to prevent potential issues.

in this world of pinterest, things can get even more confused.  it only takes one person to “pin” a photo incorrectly, and it can get scooted around the world, literally, with no way to track the original source.

applique rogan_edited-3

did you see my “little man” bowtie applique birthday shirt tutorial?

that said, i did some research on how to make and use watermarks and here’s what i discovered:

1.  you can easily make a watermark yourself (using photoshop, picnik, lightroom, etc).  i used this really HELPFUL TUTORIAL for photoshop elements from Everyday Elements and it was easy as pie!  i created a watermark brush so that it is really easy to just go in and “stamp” it on any picture i need to watermark.

*to make it smaller or larger, use the [ or ] keys.

*change color by just changing the foreground color before you click the brush

*change opacity (so it’s not so obvious) using the layer opacity bar (see below)

2.  keep it simple and informative–include your name or url


3.  keep it small{ish}–there are varying opinions about this, but for my purposes, i tend to want to keep mine small and, therefore, more of a reference source than an assured way for preventing copyrighting.  i find any photos with DO NOT COPY running diagonally across them to be something i really DON’T want to look at anyway.   plus, from all my online research, it seems as though simply having a watermark doesn’t necessarily prevent a serious photo thief from stealing anyway.

  group best_edited-1

look how the group has changed from last year’s halloween photo!

so, tell me, what are your thought about watermarking?
do you do it?
what annoys you about them?
any photo-stealing stories you want to share?

my two cents is over, now it’s time for you to link up your ANYTHING–PHOTOGRAPHY–RELATED posts from this week.

i’d love for you to include my “photo friday” button, but not mandatory.  —->

visit some of the other linker-uppers, because there are so many great things to learn!


  1. My opinion as you said with the internet today it is easy for people to right clik and take your picture and clain it as theirs but if you add a watermark it makes it harder for them to take it because other viewers can see the name and who it actually belongs too.. I have read you can disable the right click on blogger and other blogs so then they cannot save it but I haven’t figured that out yet and I keep making new watermark brushes and keep losing them in PSE.I am guilty for not watermarking but I will rethink and start doing .I think it is a great idea you have to protect what is yours…

    • yah, i agree with you about the watermarks at least deterring people from taking your photos as their own. thanks for commenting and stopping by!

  2. I’ve been wanting to create a watermark forever… I didn’t think I was ‘techy’ enough to do it, but I’m going to give it a whirl! :)

  3. you are so full of helpful hints. thanks girl.

  4. I did it a while ago but I’ve gotten so lazy with it. I just edit my pictures and upload them without doing it. I’m not all fancy with a photoshop edits, I just do it all in my iPhoto. lol. That may change after my tutorial with Photoshop CS5 runs out though! lol. Anyway, I should look into it more, especially the pictures with the kiddos. :)

  5. I love that group pic…and the great advice!

  6. Yes I do use water marks. I didn’t start using them at first, but learned shortly after my blog began that it might be better to have them then to not. Thanks for the tips!

  7. You know what I don’t like? Big watermarks prominently across the photo that says “do not copy”, but it’s a crummy, crummy photograph to start with! :P And, t hanks for that Everyday Elements link – I’ll check it out! I am WAY amateur – just like taking good shots of my kiddos – but i enjoy playing around in Elements. :)

    I came across your blog somehow, and love it. :) looking forward to getting to “know” you. :D I love blogs!

  8. I think I’m ok with people taking my photos off the internet. I save them and post them at a low resolution so they can be re-blogged but not re-printed or used for any other media. I feel like maybe if other people want to blog my work its ok with me as long as they give me credit.

  9. I have been wanting to do watermarks on my photos for some time, but it takes me foreverrrrrr to upload pics. So if I have to upload them to picnik, and then on my blog, it will take 17 days! Just kidding… but seriously. I live in the country and our internet sucks. OH well, whatcha gonna do! I do feel like its a great idea though, because then you will always be given credit wherever your precious photos are hanging out there. Plus, I think it looks professional :)

    • i totally understand that, i’m at my parent’s farmhouse right now and having a terrible time trying to use this slow internet!

  10. I always watermark mine, a good idea indeed! Lovely images there :) I especially love that last one, so cute!!

  11. oooooh! I had no idea how to do a real looking watermark! Thanks for sharing! =D Great photo’s! Happy Friday love!

  12. Great tips. I love the round watermark. Very cute.

  13. One thing to think about: if your watermark is small or low enough in the picture, it can easily be cropped or photo shopped out. I *hate* putting a watermark in the middle of my photos, but sometimes I wonder if it’s the best thing to do. Thoughts?

    • so true about the cropping, but i just think, for me, i feel like if they are going to try that hard to steal, then i can’t really help that anyway and i rather not have one in the middle of my pics. thanks for stopping by!

  14. I love watermarking my photos – I think it gives it a more polished look. And considering I do a bit of portrait work, it’s a nice marketing tool too!

  15. I NEVER in a million years would have thought I ever needed a watermark. I started doing some photos for friends& family. Turns out, one ‘friend’ took all my photos of her dog& entered them in competitions to win prizes. I’m not petty but she claimed all those photos as her own& it really burned my bottom. Ever since then (almost a year ago), I’ve watermarked everything.

    • oh, sorry that happened to you (and by a friend, nonetheless). thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. excited to get to know you better!

  16. Great photos! Love the last one with all the kids in their costumes! They are all adorable but Thing 1 and Thing 2 really stand out to me.

    And even an amateur like me watermarks my photos. You just never know who is going to take one and claim it as their own. Better to be safe.

  17. Love his little bow tie shirt!

  18. Thanks for hosting! Love the pics!

  19. Thank you for the tips and thoughts on watermarks. I use them along with small size and resolution of photos on my blog to try and deter stealing. I love the costumes in your Halloween photo. Thank you for sharing!

  20. Hi! Just started following from the Tag-Along Thursday Blog Hop. LOVE the tutorial on watermarks. Much needed. Wonderful blog!

  21. Love this post! The pictures are cute and it reminds me I’ve been neglecting the use of my own watermark!


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