easy hot chocolate gifts!

tonight is “book club” (i use that term loosely as i have NOT read the book, but desserts and girl talk are mandatory–books optional.)

i decided to whip up these cute, easy, and (don’t tell them, but also CHEAP) christmas gifts for my girlies.



DSC_0935 - Copy

1.  Homemade Hot Chocolate Mix recipe from Simple Organized Living (i didn’t use the powdered milk)

2.  mason jar mugs (mine are from a small amish grocery store in indiana $0.59 each!)

3.  canning jar lids (target about $3.00/12)

4.  thin wrapping paper (target’s dollar section $1.00) OR fabric

5.  gift tags (target about $3.00/12)

6.  mini red ornaments (target’s dollar section $1.00)

7.  Andes peppermint chips

8.  chocolate chips

9.  marshmallows


i just mixed the hot chocolate recipe in a baking dish, scooped 1 cup of the mixture into each jar, topped it with Andes peppermint chips, chocolate chips, and marshmallows.  for the lids and decor, see the diagram below.


i included a tag giving instructions for preparation which were to “add 3 cups hot milk or 1/3 cup to 1 cup hot milk.”  this is such a yummy mix and it tastes great in coffee too!



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  1. Oh how fun! Pinning this. Maybe a gift for teachers. Thank you!!

  2. So cute! I think I’m going to have to do this for some people this year. :) Thanks for sharing!

  3. These are adorable — and thanks for the link!! But I’m curious — how did you make it without the powdered milk?? That’s like the main ingredient! Did you substitute anything?

    • i just changed your “add to hot water” to add to “hot milk” it tastes great that way too. Oh and hey, I just realized we have the same name! Love your site, by the way. Thanks for sharing all your knowledge :).

      blessings to you,

  4. so cute! Love the jars.

  5. Love this! Thanks for sharing.

  6. These are so cute! I was thinking of doing something similar for our Christmas party…I haven’t seen any mason jar mugs though! I might need to go and try to find some soon.

    Thanks for sharing my dear!


  7. Those mason jar mugs were a STEAL! I love them! Great idea for girls night – er ahh, I mean, ‘book club’ :)

  8. LOVE this idea!!!!! So cute!!!! I think I may need to find a place that sells mason jars around these parts. Unfortunately there aren’t any target’s or walmart’s in this part of the world lol

  9. Andi, this is such a lovely idea! I think its just fantastic, so personal and super cute! Everyone loves hot chocolate at Christmas, so this is perfect.

    Thank you so much for linking up your fabulous project!

  10. This is really cool! Thanks so much for sharing – I am definitely going to try and do this!
    Great tutorial too :-)

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