photo friday: photo goals & a link party!

so before last may, i almost didn’t care about photography at all.  i had a little point and shoot camera that almost never caught my fast toddler in action and i was always frustrated with trying to get that “perfect pose.”

then, my wonderfully in-tune husband bought me a DSLR for mother’s day and i instantly found a new hobby that i love so much!

i’m always searching to find new things to learn (being such a newbie–i have plenty of material) and love stretching myself to grow and improve with photography.  it’s also so fantastic to have nearly a year’s worth of pretty pictures of my family to look back on now.  this year, i’m also doing Project 52 where i choose a photo per week and will make them into a book at the end of the year.  so fun!

today, i thought i would share with you some photo goals i have for 2012

things i want to learn more about,

practice photographing,

and flex my creative eye.

the images are all via pinterest and if you want to follow my pins, click HERE.

1.  Self-portraits–i want to be in some of the candid moments pictures too.  i want my kids to look back and know i was there with them, not just hiding behind the lens.  this link has a bunch of great tips for jumping in front of the camera.

Source: via andi on Pinterest


2.  Silhouettes–no need to say more, i want to learn how to do this asap!

Source: via andi on Pinterest



3. Photoshop skills–this site has tons of awesome photoshop tips and tricks. did you know that you can actually make your subject(s) smile more or less?!


4. Shooting Indoors–always more difficult than natural lighting, but i’m bound and determined to try and at least IMPROVE my skills in this setting.

Source: via andi on Pinterest

what about you? did you set any photo goals for 2012? i’d love to hear about them if you did!

time to link up your anything-photography-related posts from this week.
if there are pictures, you can link!

welcome to all the new linker-uppers! we are like one big happy family on fridays and i am always so inspired by all your fantastic photos.

also, remember, i’ll choose a few of my favorites and facebook and tweet (and maybe even “pin”) them!


  1. I am glad you love photography. I love it too. I can’t go a day without shooting. It is magical : ) If you have any snow where you live then now is a great time to practice sillohuetes! : ) Good luck. They are so easy it feels like you are cheating : )

  2. i am so with you on #4. :)
    and #1… so important.
    this will be my first time playing along, and excited to do so. love your space here and can’t wait to peek around…

  3. I want to try and improve my editing skills. And maybe move on to a pro camera instead of my dslr. I’ve been looking around to see if I can find a few photoshop workshops around the city that I can attend. Just to teach me the ins and outs of the program since I find there are alot of functions I am not even clued into yet!

    btw, so glad that you’re enjoying the sowing kit! yey! I’m glad that it made it :D

  4. I want to improve too. I need to learn PSE. And I think that needs to be my goal this year. And your are right about indoor photography, it’s most definitively hard for me.


  5. Excellent goals! We just started a new weekly photo challenge to finally start putting some of the pinned tutorials to use ;) Have a great weekend!

  6. thanks for all the links to the photog tips! I’m always on the look out! :)

  7. I am new to my DSLR too! And I have to say approximately 1/3 of my dreams came true when I got it. So thanks for the tips, they are badly needed over here! :)

    I came over to your blog from Whatever the Circumstances, & am loving it! Off to check it out..
    Also, sorry if this is a duplicate.. Had trouble with the comments.. Probably should head for some coffee..

  8. i’ve got all those on my list and then some! i purchased my dslr camera this past summer but really haven’t gotten far with my skills – one thing i need is a new lens. what type of camera did you get?

  9. Excellent tips Hollie!! Have a great weekend!

  10. Love this post! My husband bought me a DSLR last year right before my daughter was born. I am finally beginning to branch out and do crazy things like use it on manual. I don’t have photoshop, but all the rest of your goals are things that I want to practice with as well, especially the self portraits and shooting indoors. I’m now following blog. I think it’s great!!!

  11. Oh, how I would like to make silhouette pictures of my children

  12. Andi,
    I just love this Photo Friday Linkup so much. Thanks for hosting it.
    I totally just pinned the first “self-portrait” goal of yours. (and then followed you)

    I don’ t know if you are in to Photo Challenges, but I am about to start a new one on Monday… they’re fun to help push the limits of our photog skills. ;)
    You can find my next one at:

    See you next Friday!

  13. Those are great photography goals! I am in the same boat as you. I had a decent point-and-click camera, but I wanted something more. I got my DSLR last Christmas and over the past year, I’ve really grown. It’s been a fun journey and I still have so much more to learn.

    Following your board now! Maybe we can help each other grow. ;-)

  14. Love your goals Hollie and thank you for sharing them! I wrote mine the first of the year. I haven’t completed any yet, but I am on my way!

  15. Found you via Through a Photographers Eyes…love this link up…I’m totally with you on all of those things and more. I wish I could narrow my goals more, I might actually accomplish something! Cute blog, can’t wait to check it out!

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