last thing i……

linking up with my bestie, Jenna @ The Life of the Wife today for Last Thing Thursday:


ATE: the crust of a PB & J leftover from my daughter’s sandwich at the park.


SAID: “i won’t lock the door if you stay in your room.”  (it’s rest time right now)

PINNED: pleated headband tutorial from Craftiness is Not Optional



DRANK: diet coke (holla, all you DC drinkers!)


BOUGHT:  jump rings at Micheals

MADE FOR DINNER: Pioneer Woman’s Meatballs with Peppers and Pineapple (See what I’m cooking all month, HERE)


PRAYED FOR:  my darling niece to feel better

ACCESSORIZED WITH: my new swag from Vintage Wannabee (mini rosette necklace)


GOT EXCITED ABOUT:  The Hollie Rogue Shop’s spring collection COMING SOON!

IMG_0440 copy

here’s  a sneak peek–eeek!


  1. So much awesomeness in this post! xxx

  2. Mandi Durborough says:

    Omg the diet coke sign is so ME!!!!

  3. You made me want meatballs and a pb&j Sammy! But not necessarily together :) You are forever my bestie for life cause you linked up!! Well you already were :)

    Love ya!

  4. Holla!!!! DC Addict! Can’t wait for the spring collection!

  5. Im excited to see your new collection! Hope you niece gets better! Your kiddos must be fine since Momma came home :)

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