photo friday: shadow silhouettes & a link party!

i’m visiting my childhood farm and family for the week so this is going to be short and sweet.

i discovered that the time of day, last evening (around 6:30pm est) was perfect for casting shadows and so I cast them on some unusual objects for fun effect.

DSC_0624 copy

DSC_0626 copy

i was squatting with the sun setting to my back and facing


DSC_0632 copy DSC_0627

then on to the garage door with again, the sun setting to my back.

DSC_0634 copy

DSC_0636 copy

BIG NEWS:   i’m in the works for a HUGE photo challenge link up event and we are looking for guest judges!  if you are interested, send me an email ASAP thehollierogue (at) gmail.

Link up your anything-photography-related posts from this week.

Hugs all my photo friends!  :)



  1. Those are so cool.

  2. I love shadow pictures and the last one in your series is seriously cool.


  3. Loving that last shadow pic, so cool x

  4. What adorable shadows!

  5. Shadow photos are a lot of fun… i tried something similar in this weeks post….the last photo in my post. shooting against the sun….what a coincidence!

  6. Great shots!

  7. What fun shots! I’m still experiementing with the Golden Hour. unfortunately where our house is we are all in shade during sunset so I need to venutre out and find a park nearby. It’s on my to do list this spring.

  8. That’s a really fun idea. You got some neat shots!

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