pinned and proven: cleaning edition

today is another rendition of “Pinned & Proven”–the series where i take things i have “pinned” via pinterest and put them to the test.  do they really work for the common person?   see all the “pinned and proven” posts, HERE.

pinned and proven

here are 5 really easy cleaning tricks that take hardly any time to do and 4/5 got excellent results!

1.  cleaning  blinds (which i HATE and almost NEVER do)–use a dryer sheet–it is supposed to also deter dust from settling on them as well.  time will tell on that one.

Untitled-1 copy


2.  cleaning dishwashervinegar + baking soda–a classic cleaning combo and what i used on my bathtubs when i was pregnant.  i was under the impression that you could do the method and when the cycle was finished, you would have no more grim or dirt.  that was NOT the case for me.  i still had that little layer of crud around the inside door (that could be easily wiped away, but that would require me actually doing something besides just pushing the Start button.  no thanks.  i guess that’s why they make the fancy dishwasher cleaners :).  it was worth a try either way.



3.  removing and preventing water spots on faucetsrub with wax paper



4.  making high chair clean up so much easier—just remove the fabric cover!  i know, DUH! why didn’t i think of that 1 whole kid ago?!

DSC_0691 copy

5.  cleaning the microwavevinegar and baking soda

DSC_0675 copy

 *make sure you read all the directions, HERE and DO NOT TOUCH THE BOWL when it is done.  IT IS HOT!!!  i put mine in for 20 minutes and it worked wonders!*

boy does my house smell like vinegar right now…..

at least it’s clean…!

what are YOUR fast, easy cleaning tricks? 

what have YOU pinned recently, tried, and had work wonderfully?



  1. What a great idea for a series! I thought about doing this with recipes too as I baked this morning…I tried two new recipes: one was a success, one was a bust!

  2. I have wanted to take a day and try all these too, to see if they worked, and you’ve done the work for me! Thanks :)

  3. Love this idea! You have a great blog. I am glad to be a follower!


  4. First of all, this whole series is a really fun and useful idea! Second, these are awesome tips! Thanks for sharing!

  5. this is wonderful! Thank you for sharing! Will be trying the wax paper tonight!

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