pinned & proven: custom He Said, She Said game tutorial


time for another edition of Pinned & Proven–the whenever-i-feel-like-it series where i take something i’ve “pinned” via pinterest and either test its use or try to recreate it. pinned and proven

today’s “pin” is the He Said She Said bridal game.  my inspiration pins come from HEREHERE.  the game involves the guests guessing which one of the couple said which unique statement.  they record their guess by circling the silhouette of the person who said it.  i made this custom template and used the couple’s actual silhouettes.  i’m going to show you how you can do the same thing!

DSC_0130 copysmall_edited-1


1.  photoshop or a computer design program that is similar

2.  cardstock/printer

3.  a photo of the couple with head profiles

4.  question/answers

5.  TEMPLATE (that can be customized)


1.  i first sent a list of open-ended questions to the bride and groom separately.  for a list of examples, check HERE.

2.  they answered and i chose 5-6 from each of them to use on the game.  i also stalked their facebook pages for any funny/cutesy things they said in the past or on each other’s walls.

3.  in photoshop elements, take an engagement photo of the couple and trace their profile heads with the magnetic lasso.

step 1 copy

4.  take the “lightness” down to zero/black

step 2 copy

step 3 copy

5.  drag the black head into a new white background file

step 4

6.  repeat for bride’s head

7.  erase/crop  unnecessary background around the heads

step 56

8.  drag heads on the He Said She Said template

9.  change template to your names/heading

10.  add your questions

step 7

11. print on cardstock (fits on a 8.5×11)

12.  play the game and have fun!

DSC_0119 copysmall

EMAIL me at thehollierogue (at) gmail (dot) com for the photoshop file/full template OR download HERE.

you can add your own silhouettes or use mine but just add new questions/names.

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  1. This is such a great idea. I love your recreation of it; very cool!

  2. Marie Leyenaar says:

    Any way u can send me the template for that game? Said cannot download when i tried.. it would be greatly apprecited! Thanks Andi

  3. heather nuez says:

    can you please send me the template it will not download….i tried three computers….ps thought your blog was amazing….heather

  4. Hi
    Can u please email me the template u used? Love it!

  5. Love this! Totally doing it!

  6. This is great! Thank you!

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