Alright, people, I’ve been around the block before.  I know how the sponsorship/guest post goes… Someone guest posts on someone else’s blog and tries to slyly get you to visit their blog without blatantly saying “I’m trying to get you to visit my blog, dang it!”  Well, I started thinking.  Why not just call it for what it is?  Why not just shamelessly say, HEY!  I WANT YOU TO READ MY BLOG AND HERE’S WHY!
And so, in an unprecedented, never before seen move in the history of blogging, I present to you….
5.  First off, my name is Bonnie.  And you certainly don’t hear that name on anyone under the age of 50 every day.  Secondly, I’ve got some pretty entertaining people in my life.  Maybe they could entertain you, too.  Like my husband who says he fantasizes about the Asian version of me, or my four year old nephew who tries to get fresh with my niece.
Yes, they are four.  Yes, they are cousins.  Yes, they are kissing.
We endorse that in my family, don’t you?!?
4.  My husband is a good looking ginger.  Finding one of those is like finding a needle in a haystack, so you’re gonna wanna rush over and get a good look at it.  Yes, they are rare!  Yes, I found my very own!
3.  I’m all about talking about issues in our society, especially if those issues are a little bit on the scandalous side.  I mean, oh my golly gee, WHAT did you think of that breast feeding cover on Time?  Let’s talk about it!

2.  I spend my days teaching teenage hood rats about commas, thesis statements, and the oh so complicated difference in to, too, and two.  These kids have got their share of entertaining tricks up their sleeves and they’re constantly amazing me with the things that come out of their mouths.  For example:  “What is the difference in whores and horse?”,  “Mrs. Larsen, your outfit looks like a Target commercial today,”   Don’t worry, though.  I’ve been known to get those little tikes back with a prank or two of my own…

AND… The number one reason you should read my blog is….
1.  I like to have fun.  A lot.  I like to laugh.  A lot.  I believe life should be enjoyed, life should be laughed at, and life should never be taken too seriously.  Every once in a while I’ll write about something difficult, like my dad who passed away two years ago, or the (gasp!) difficulties of adjusting to marriage, but mostly we keep it light and fun, and we’re always looking for more people to join the party.
My husband says I’m not allowed to make that face ever again in pictures.
I say he doesn’t know sexy if it hit him in the face.
So, come on!  What are you waiting for?!  Come stop by Life of Bon and say hi already, I ain’t gonna wait all day!  Alright.  You got me.  I probably will.  But I won’t be happy about it!


  1. With an intro like that, you better believe I’ll be clicking over to check her out. ;)

  2. Ya got me! I’m your newest follower. Hmmm….I wonder what I’d look like as an Asian?

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