she reads truth.


i know what it’s like to be raised in a christian home,

to basically love the Lord from as far back as i can remember—-

to know the Gospel news and believe it,

but i also know what it’s like to fail time and again with spending consistent time in His Word–the Bible.

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before i go on, let me just say that i feel very strongly that it is not reading the Bible, going to church, or doing any other “christian” thing that will get me to heaven.

i believe that trusting Christ to save me, a sinner, through His death and resurrection is all it takes for salvation.

hear me when i say, we can not earn our salvation (through reading the bible or any other action).

it is simply an undeserved gift that i am eternally thankful for.

and while reading the bible does not affect my salvation for eternity, it does affect my life and service for Him now–here on this earth and in this time.

i long to desire to spend time with Him in a very intentional way every day.

i want to memorize and meditate on His truths and be encouraged and challenged by them throughout my day.

i’ve tried many studies and programs to do this, but have always failed after a few days or weeks.

i WANT to want to,…….. you know?

so that’s my prayer—that God would draw me close to Him and teach me His truths EVERY day and that i would genuinely WANT that more than anything else in my day.

one resource for my new commitment is the amazing group of friends reading the Word every day through She Reads Truth.

there is a bible reading plan through YouVersion (and i don’t have an iphone and can still do it),

a weekly memorized verse with a beautiful graphic that can be placed on your phone or computer’s welcome screen,

and a whole community of women reading the same verses and sharing their hearts about it through the twitter hashtag #shereadstruth.
some of my favorite bloggers are heading the whole thing up:  Gussy, Kacia, Jessi, & Raechel.

we are on day 6 of the new devotional/reading plan Living the Surrendered Life (hello, if anybody needs to know how to surrender, it’s muah!)

come and join!¬† it’s free and fun to see how God can change our lives and perspectives through the reading of His living Word.

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  1. WHAT A GREAT way to fellowship!! I wondered what it meant when I saw that hashtag and now I know! Wonderful! Thanks for sharing lady! Love you!

  2. I love this. I also wrote about God today, and the new relationship I’m developing with Him. I don’t know what it is about today… but we all seem to need Him more and more. We are so blessed He loves us!

  3. love this post and love LOVE this new study plan. I love Soul Detox as well but man this one has really been speaking to my heart about things I’m presently dealing with.

  4. love that you shared from your heart! I am really loving this new plan:) and the time that I am giving to Him.

  5. How fun! I think I need to jump on board!

  6. I struggle with this too. I want to want to. I hate that I don’t. I think this could be a great resource for me. Thanks!

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