photo friday: fall collection reveal & a link party!


so, you know how i’m always saying “if your post has photos, you can link up?”

fall collection preview

well today, i’m doing nothing more than showing you some photos of our new embroidered pendant necklaces in brand spanking new fall colors!

feast your eyes on these:

DSC_0520 copy

DSC_0515 copy

yes, corduroy!

DSC_0493 copy

DSC_0540 copy


basically, you could wear any of these with all of your fall outfits, am i right? or am i right?

ok, i’m right. good.  now why don’t you head on down there and link up your anything-photography-related posts.  remember as long as they have photos, you can link up (even if it is a not-so-subtle advertising attempt).

happy friday, friends!

oh and one more thing.  today is my birthday!  so you would make my day if you head on over to the birthday giveaway and enter to win one of those necklaces yourself!


  1. Those are so lovely! The colors are perfect for fall! Heading over to the giveaway now. :-)

  2. I hope you had a lovely birthday :) A beautiful new collection, I’m sure they will be very popular!

  3. Cute!

  4. So pretty, love the textures in your designs!


  6. They are soooo adorable!! Happy Birthday!!

  7. these necklaces are wonderful!!!

  8. these necklaces are BEAUTIFUL! off to check out the shop now. :)

  9. Oh those are so pretty, and Happy Birthday!

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