photo friday: 6 photo apps for Moms & a link up!


i mentioned a week or two ago that i just got an iphone and have been slowly learning how useful it can be.  i asked you all on facebook & twitter what your favorite “must-have” photo apps are and i got lots of amazing responses that i promise to check out in full detail (hello, late-night homework).

photo app

i thought i would share 6 Photo Apps that I personally am exploring particularly because they appeal to my life-as-a-mom-who-photographs-nearly-everything mentality.


1.  Instagram (FREE)–i’m sure you’ve heard of it and use it like a banshee.  it’s free, so super easy, and has the whole social media sharing thing built right in.  i think instagram encourages me to capture the little moments in an artful way.  that’s a win in my book.   i might be a tiny bit obsessed with it.  just saying.

2.  Camera+  ($.99)–i’ve been hearing about this one and downloaded it today.  it’s supposed to be a great app for basic photo taking and it has more controls for focus/aperture than the basic iphone camera.  (thanks, Jon for the referral!)

3.  Pic Stitch (FREE)–i always (and by always, mean, 2 weeks) wondered how people in instagram were able to make photo collages.  wonder no more.  Pic Stitch does it really easily and then can be posted on any of the social media outlets.



4.  Fast Camera ($1.99)–this app is supposed to have a the capabilities of taking many photos at a time and at a fast rate (hence the name–”fast camera.”)  i don’t know about you, but capturing my kids doing anything in motion only ends up with pure blur.  maybe this app will help that.

5.  Group Shot ($.99)–if this app does what it says it does—it is simple genius!  ever have a big group of kids and after taking 100 and 1 pictures there still isn’t a single photo where they are all looking in the same direction?  oh me either (except halloween 2011, 2012, beach 2012, etc).   this app is supposed to allow you to take the head from one photo and “magically” put it onto another photo to make sure you get at least one shot where everyone is at least looking at the camera (we didn’t promise no one was crying).

6.  360panorama ($.99)–this one is particularly specific to my “mommy photos,” but it is just cool.  you can take a panoramic photo of a beautiful scene and it will merge all the photos together into one big picture.  i’m excited to play around and experiment with it.  there is a free version called “panorama” and i didn’t have a lot of success when trying it out.



Which smartphone photo apps are YOUR favorites?  Have you tried any of these and had positive/negative experiences? 

i’d love to hear your take!

link up anything photography-related below and then skip around to visit some of the other linker-uppers!

happy friday, friends.


  1. THanks for te recommendations! We’re switching our cell phone plan this month and that means I finally get a smart phone. I’m pretty sure it’ll be an iphone! The only app I’ve used on the list is instagram because my husband is kind enough to let me have it on his phone :) And I’m so hooked. I love that you can upload photos and link them straight to twitter, facebook and flickr!

  2. You may want to check out debduty’s post from yesterday, she has used the panoraama app really well :)

  3. So glad I found this post because I have my very first iPhone arriving on my doorstep TODAY!! So excited. I can’t wait to be cool like everyone else and have Instagram finally! I’ll have to check out the other apps too. :)

  4. Thank you for hosting! I love the PhotoFX app that is free! It has great filters to run your Instagram pics through. I love it. I’ll have to check out some of your options!

  5. Vintique and it is FREE right now. Of course I bought it last week but it is worth it. :)

  6. i am obsessed with instagram!! :D

  7. Those sound like a lot of fun homework assignments!

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