photo friday: new house, new house! & a link party.



in case i’m stranded living in the boonies (aka: my new house) without internet (or even cell) service, i’m setting up the link party on monday night.

OH, and total sidenote:   there’s an awesome Halloween deal going on right now from Blurb!    save 20% off any book you create through 10/31 with special code SPOOKYSALE!  have a Blurb book that you have been working on?  or maybe you’ve been wanting to create a book with all the pictures you have stored on your camera, on Facebook or on Instagram?  well NOW is the time to order a book from Blurb during this huge sale!  it’s the perfect time to capture all of your favorite moments from the past year in a beautiful photo book!   these books would also make a great christmas gift.   from now until 10/31, you can get 20% off any book you create with promo code SPOOKYSALE!

hope you had a blessed and photogenic week!

*disclosure:  paid affiliate links used.


  1. Ohhh moving house is so stressful. I hope you are settling in well and that the internet fairies smile on you quickly!


  2. Hi Holly,

    I’m excited to be joining Photo Friday as this is my first time. I wish you the best of luck with your move and hope all goes well. Thank you for hosting. I’m off to visit.

  3. I don’t envy you the process of moving, but the new house looks lovely. I just love that big front porch and I imagine you and your family will enjoy many hours together there. Congrats on the new home!

  4. Love the new house and blog look. :) Good luck with moving!!

  5. So excited about the new house! It is just beautiful. Love the porch and hanging ferns! I just ordered a blurb book not too long ago. I’m def happy with it but I feel like their prices are slightly higher than snapfish and kodak without the quality being much different. Just my two cents. Hope it’s ok that I break the rules a bit this week by linking up a video : P

    • Love your insights on the Blurb books….I had heard really great things about it, but nice to know all perspectives.

  6. Lindsay Lee says:

    Your house is ADORABLE!!!! Congrats!

  7. Congrats, it looks so big! (UK person here in our tiny house!) I hope you really make it home and have many happy memories there too :)

  8. Yay for the new design. Love the color palette and logo.

  9. Hello, just found your blog via Tipjunkie. Love it. Is there a way to subscribe other than RSS?

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