DIY 30 minute wooden christmas tree tutorial.


yep, i put in my blog title, so it must be true—you can make this adorable wooden christmas tree decor thingy in 30 minutes (minus finding/buying the wood).

DSC_0620 copy

i saw something a little bit like this awhile back on, where else, pinterest HERE & HERE, but basically just went out into my garage, found some leftover wood pieces from baseboard trim, etc that the previous owners had left sitting in a corner, grabbed the hand saw and got to some serious-i-am-she-woman-hear-me-roar construction.

expecting this project to be a bit difficult and involved, i was pleasantly surprised with how quickly it all came together.


here’s how i built my wooden christmas tree:


1.  scrap pieces of wood in various widths (one larger/wider piece as the base)–you can get strips of wood at Home Depot or Lowes for pretty cheap
2.  nails
3.  hammer
4.  hand saw (or something to hack away the excess)
5.  tape measure


1.  measure and cut the base piece of wood (however tall this piece is will be the size and height of your entire tree, so plan accordingly)

2.  lay the base piece on the ground and arrange the other strips of wood across it at varying (or equal) distances apart.  i did everything by eye and didn’t worry too much about measuring everything perfectly.  i personally, think being imperfect adds to the tree’s charm.

3.  starting with the pieces at the bottom of the base start cutting each piece (with the longest on the bottom and gradually getting smaller toward the top).  again, i eye-balled these measurements and didn’t care if the edges were a little rough where i cut.

DSC_0092 copy

4.  once you have cut and arranged all the pieces as you like, start nailing each piece onto the base with one long nail.  i like it to have only one nail, because you can decide (and change your mind) if you want to keep the limbs straight or skew them for a more whimsical, wonky affect.  make sure to leave a little bit of base at the bottom so you have something to stand it up on.   i DID MEASURE each limb to find the approx. middle for where to place the nail, but that was the only real measuring i did in this project.

5.  you could also stain or paint the tree at this point.  i left it unfinished and like the natural wood in our room.  perhaps next year, i’ll add some stenciled words along one side or distress it.  i added clear ball ornaments and some additional decor for a beautiful holiday mantle.

DSC_0631 copy

while building the tree and pounding those nails deep into the wood,  i couldn’t help thinking about how much Love it took for the God of the Universe to come as a babe knowing He would be nailed to a tree for the sake of His beloved children.

may we continue to ponder the wonder of His great Love for us this holiday season.

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  1. Love it. It’s beautiful as is but I also think it would look fantastic stained a darker color : )

  2. Gorgeous! Very cute idea. The pics of your house just got me in the spirit. I have to wait until after my birthday or the two holidays just mash together!
    And I love how you so casually ‘grabbed the hand saw’. My hubby does that for a living yet I have yet to grab the hand saw. I’ll put that on my list…

  3. I have got to try this! SO cute!

  4. Aw, your tree looks great! I like it that it’s not all straight too. I’ve got this linked to my Christmas tress roundup post as well today!

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