blurb. (christmas gift spoiler alert)


ssshhhhhhh, don’t tell my dad—but…….

i’m revealing my christmas gift for him today, because honestly, i just have to share this great gift idea and i couldn’t keep it from you until after christmas morning!

my dad has his own business and is constantly on the go–paired with the fact that all of his grandchildren live at least a few hours away and i couldn’t think of a better gift than something with all of our pictures that he would use and still have our smiling faces with him all the time.

enter the Blurb planner!

DSC_0643 copy

it’s a quality hard back book and the perfect size to carry with you wherever you need to go.

i created it online in less than 30 minutes.  the software is really easy to navigate, there are lots of page layouts to choose from, and the quality of printing is spot on!

blurb2 copy

in this particular planner, each month has an overview of the month calendar and then the following pages are individual weeks with plenty of space on each day to write appointments, meetings, or even blog post ideas!

DSC_0648 copy

already spoiling the surprise, Sister may have told him “we got you a fshiel (special) book!”  but, i really think he is going to use and appreciate this thoughtful gift the whole year through!  sidenote:  my dad’s also a shepherd, hence the sheep cover.

DSC_0690 copy

These beautifully designed weekly planner templates allow you to create a professional–looking, yet personal, gift for yourself or family, friends, co-workers, and clients. Planners start at $21.95 and include elegant designs, noteworthy paper, two convenient sizes, and custom dates. Get started on your Blurb Custom Planner now!

oh and use code:  LASTCALL20 for 20% any Blurb book until 12.10.12!



*disclosure:  affiliate links are present (which just means, if you like Blurb and try it for yourself, i get a very miniscule compensation for referring you).


  1. Looks like a COOL gift, Andi! He should love it!

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