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Christmas 2012

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dear me, as a bossy kid,

i know you’re the first born on both sides of the family and expected to be the most responsible, well-behaved kid around, but, really, you cannot be SO bossy.

for starters, if you’re going to dream up a grand plan for a fun make-believe town, bring all the stuffed animals downstairs, and get your little sisters excited……..don’t say “i’m done” the minute you start playing and then proceed to make them clean up all the toys.

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it’s not a great idea to build a barn swing using 30 year old rope and pulleys.  convincing your sisters it IS a good idea is also NOT a good idea.

i know you’re a rule-follower and that makes you feel better about yourself, but stop being the rule police to every friend, neighbor, and sibling.  it’s annoying.

please, for the love of pete, stop telling your sisters the “right way” to do EVERYTHING.  they will grow up resenting you for it, but by the grace of God, you will still be friends when you are grown.

if you ever come to your whits end with your sister telling mom all of your elementary secrets…..DO NOT come up with the plan to take her in the closet and threaten to poke her with a nail if she tattles again (and then proceed to tell her that she must feel the poke in order to understand the severity of the punishment)—–all hypothetically, of course.

oh, this one was a fun one……(twice),…….. BUT never, and i mean never….fake a sledding accident just to make your sister/cousin drag you all the way back to the house and then jump up minutes before reaching the door with ..,and i quote, “i’m healed!”  again,…resentment.

i know you’re a confident, stubborn, control seeking, knows-what-she-wants kind of girl.  those things will come in handy one day and will also be an area that God will work on  you into adulthood.

and….in case any sister, cousin, friend, or neighbor is still harboring bitterness for your bossiness when you become a mother….God also gives you a daughter with a case of the bossys herself.  deal with it.  she’s also cute.

DSC_0719 copy


(uh oh, did i just boss myself?)

Love, your older, wiser, slightly-less-bossy self,



This is a link up celebrating the Stories of our lives.  Whether you think your story is dramatic enough or funny enough or beautiful enough, the answer is YES!


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HUGS, tears, cheers, and prayers to you, friends!


  1. Poking her with a nail…that is hilarious. I kind of can’t wait for stories like this with my kids :)

    • i said, hypothetically! :) man, i’m so amazed my sisters are still talking to me after the things i did to them! thanks for linking up, friend

  2. So you’re bossy huh? Those stories are so funny, hypothetically of course, since I’m sure you’d never actually threaten bodily harm with nails in the closet…. right? Hmmm, maybe I need background checks on future roomies, just in case. But you’re right about your daughter being cute. We learn so much from them, don’t we? Especially when they’re like a mirror image.

    • haha, oh my do we ever learn from our kids (who just happen to have all the character flaws we’re working on ourselves). thanks so much for stopping by and your post broke me up. Hugs and prayers to you. you are brave to share your story. much love, andi

  3. the sledding accident made me chuckle. i could just see you jump up and their faces of ‘i can’t believe her!’
    it’s true what they say about your children being just like you or sometimes ‘worse’ for lack of better words. I have a little drama queen at home that goes overboard with fake hyperventilations. (no joke) and when i tell my mom about it, she just gives me that look.
    so i just deal with it. haha.

  4. I have a feeling my daughter has some bossiness in her…especially when her sibling comes along in march-such great insight and advice. so glad I found your blog over at The Houtz House Party! Look forward to following.


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