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Untitled-1 fortunate, blessed, lucky—yes, i’m all of those things when it comes to the grandparents i got.

being the firstborn (on both sides of the family), i jokingly like to think i’m their favorite grandchild, though one of the amazing things about my grandparents is that they genuinely make every single grandchild (all 15!) feel that way.  what a gift it is to know without fail, no matter what choices we have ever made, that we have a grandpa and grandma who are fiercely on our side.

every ballgame, graduation, baptism, or musical—they were there.

every wedding and new birth–they were right there beside us.

my bday2

through 50+ years of marriage, they model for their family the Love of Christ and His Grace in their lives.


it’s a constant “open door” policy at their home—and you can bet, if you drop in, grandma will whip up the best lunch, you’ve ever had in a matter of minutes.

the great-grandkids (8) head straight for the “candy drawer” and the girls gather around the table where the coffee and conversation flows freely.

grandpa is an artist with wood and, this actually gets me choked up to think about, but he has made so many incredibly special and treasured pieces of furniture in my house that parallel the big events in my life—my hope chest, the kids’ rocking chair and rocking horse, my favorite bench.  they are each a beautiful labor of love and will be passed down in my family for generations to come.

how i miss them, living 500 miles away.

even so, i’m a fortunate, blessed, lucky girl to call them my family.  i am so thankful for their love and influence on my life.


This is a link up celebrating the Stories of our lives. Whether you are wondering if your story is dramatic enough or funny enough or beautiful enough, the answer is YES!


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HUGS, tears, cheers, and prayers to you, friends!


  1. Haha cracking up at the fact that my thumbnail next to both of yours look like a yearbook shot and I’m admiring the cool pretty girls ;)
    Much Love!

  2. Happy Friday Andi!

  3. You are blessed!!! All of my grandparents have been deceased for years… but at least I know my kids have lovely grandparents. :)


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