Hosting a large-scale Sole Hope Shoe-Cutting Party.


  I've talked before about Sole Hope and their amazing mission to help fight jiggers and their debilitating effects on the people of Uganda.  You can watch the short video on what got them started below. I hosted a shoe-cutting party awhile ago on a much smaller scale and when the opportunity for our church's women's group came up, I … [Read more...]

moving toward surgery.


(i love how she likes to sleep with both arms behind her head--just chillaxin!) Baby Girl is 6 months old today. she's cooing and rolling and being pretty much all-around great! the neurologist called today to explain that she presented Hazel's case to the larger epilepsy team at Children's National and the board was in agreement, after … [Read more...]

He will give us more than we can handle.


we've all heard that good-intentioned remark when going through something hard in our lives---"God doesn't give us more than we can handle…"  That promise refers to the verse in the Bible in 1 Corinthians 10:13 (NIV) "No temptation has overtaken you except what is common to mankind. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond … [Read more...]

the earth glorifies.

DSC_0434 copy

  it's been raining for three days straight, but despite the fact that we are locked inside the house, i've been overwhelmingly aware of how the Lord is renewing and refreshing the earth during this wet spell.  perhaps, it is just much more noticeable when you are surrounded by forest, but i've never really appreciated the vibrant … [Read more...]

national infertility awareness week.

 this isn't your regular "guest post" and it is truly worth your time to take a minute and read what my dear friend, amanda, has to share with you today.  my heart breaks for her struggles, but i see God being glorified through her difficult situation and heartache and she and her husband are a serious encouragement to … [Read more...]

a different easter.


  so i read this post the week before Easter  and could NOT shake its effect on me (hello, Holy Spirit---i hear you loud and clear.) "Church, let’s bring Jesus’ hope into the darkness this Easter – the lonely street corners, the strip clubs, the shelters, the prisons, the sad places. We can push back the darkness, because God “in his … [Read more...]

i’m not going to say it.

DSC_0011 copy

  i feel like a broken record around here, but i'm not going to say anything about my desire for the S-P-R-I-N-.... word. get here. now. ....for snow to go away. forever. ....or for my daffodils to have a fighting chance at opening and looking glorious on my tabletop. nope, not going to say it. and dang it if … [Read more...]


DSC_0957 copy

  man, was i gung ho about blogging at the beginning of 2013.  i had what i thought was a great year's plan full of blogging and personal goals.   i was ready to take my sponsorships up a notch with more in-depth mentorships and even started my antique/refurbish furniture business venture.  i was expectant and excited about the year ahead … [Read more...]

the weekend of something much needed.


  it's the weather.  it's the fact that everyone in our house seems to be sick (which means throwing fits).  it's the short days and the new neighborhood. but whatever it is, it's no secret that come last friday afternoon, i was spent.  i knew what i needed was some adult conversation with my girlfriends. book club was scheduled … [Read more...]

handfuls of marshmallows and chocolate.


  She crawled in my lap, tears in her eyes. sobbing because she only had a large hunk of Hershey's chocolate bar and not an extra large hunk.    "i want more, momma." (tears, tears and more tears)    "You already have a lot and haven't even started eating it."    "then, i don't want annnnyyy!" (continue to … [Read more...]