strawberry-picking twenty fourteen.


last weekend was one of those where the weather was perfect, jon was home, and there just wasn't anything "pressing" to do.  those weekends, for us, are few and far between so it was like a big, deep breath of (literal) mountain air. we spent saturday strawberry-picking and raiding a historic log cabin estate sale down the road from our house. … [Read more...]

ch, ch, changes.


  as if our lives haven't had enough unexpectedness since Hazel was born, our next few months are forecasting a lot of changes themselves. one of the biggest changes is that we decided to homeschool Hollis for kindergarten next year.  but it's not going to look like what you probably are picturing in your head right now. around … [Read more...]

perfection weather.


  the long weekend had just about as perfect weather as you can get.  warm, but breezy, sunny, but not scorching.  i got the first hints of a summer tan and we spent most of Saturday morning at our local, annual strawberry festival.  we grilled out on monday and jon and i had a MUCH NEEDED … [Read more...]

joy comes in the morning.


  spring has sprung here in Virginia. the azaleas are nearly in full bloom. the tiny baby poplar leaves are growing larger by the day. the sun is shining. the windows are open. Brother looks for worms from early morning until dinner time. end-of-year school events are filling up our days (hello, it's only preschool--can i … [Read more...]

holy cow december was a whirlwind. it’s january…what!


yes, i know i'm totally late to the whole, "i can't believe it's the beginning of a new year" thing, but I CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S THE BEGINNING OF A NEW YEAR! there, now that we got that out of the way…'s a little photo recap of our blur of a Christmas.  it was a great one though!   Sister's preschool program---i … [Read more...]

it was a hallmark moment. literally.


a couple of weeks ago, i took the 3 kids to Indiana to see my family while jon was away on his annual hunting trip.   yes, you read that right.  i drove 10 hours with three kids under 5 by myself.  and we didn't go crazy.  and no one got hepatitis from a public restroom.  and no one peed their pants.   success all around! while we were there, we … [Read more...]

Brother’s hunting/camping birthday party!

DSC_0321 copy

Brother is the big 3 today and we celebrated with close friends and family on Saturday night.  it was a hunting/camping themed party with our deck lit with lights and campfire in the backyard.  there was chili to eat, hot apple cidar to drink, and a pumpkin spice cake with cream cheese frosting to top it all off.  we had a great time making our … [Read more...]

a split week.

114 copy

  yes, yes, i've taken an unintentional summer blogging break.  and i'm fine with it.  i've missed you and missed putting coherent thoughts into print, but have also been blessed to just take this time and give myself permission to lie around and be pregnant and not feel guilty about it. last week, jon's family had planned a beach trip … [Read more...]

a date day & an update.

DSC_0664 copy

  i can't believe it's been half a month since i last spent time on my little corner of the internet.  i've missed you and thought i'd update you a bit on our summer happenings. 1.  the bad pregnancy dreams stopped the day i posted about them (thanks for praying, friends!) 2.  I'm now in my 34th week of pregnancy and feeling the … [Read more...]

little fishies (toddler swimming).

DSC_0576 copy

  summer is finally here and in a big (HOT) way, but you won't hear me complaining!  i love hot weather and sunscreened kids.  it's truly my very happiest time of year. i grew up in a small town and in the country where no one really swam much in the summers unless you had your own personal pool.  neighborhoods didn't have public … [Read more...]