stitchfix #6 (on a lighter note…).


  the blog and my real life have been really "heavy" the past few months---postpartum, baby's diagnosis, medical bills, etc, but today, i'm going with a much lighter and MUCH less important part of my life---my wardrobe! now, who am i kidding, my closet is usually the LAST place that gets updated but i had some Stitchfix credits (thanks … [Read more...]

Stitchfix #3

DSC_0528 copy

  yep, it's that time again. the time for my personal online stylist from Stitchfix to send me five amazing items that i get to try on/model for my husband and then pick which ones i want to keep and which ones i want to send back! man, this "fix" was really great!  i felt like the colors/patterns, and sizes were all exactly what i … [Read more...]

stitchfix #2


  Ohhhh, yeah.., got my "fix" a couple days before christmas and boy was i excited to see what was inside!  this time, i got my husband involved in the decision and photo process and he really swayed my choice.  it's always good to get something that your husband thinks you look pretty in! if you've never heard of Stitchfix, it is your … [Read more...]

white christmas.

DSC_0150 copy

  it's my favorite christmas-time movie---White Christmas.  with its dancing and singing and skinny-wasted women (seriously how were they THAT skinny?) and without warning, our christmas eve turned into a beautiful winter wonderland like something out of a movie.  when Sister woke up from her nap and saw the snow, she shouted in the best … [Read more...]

fashion{ish} post: colored tights

DSC_0724 (2) copy

  you should see my closet, it is seriously a sea of black and grey (oh and maybe a navy thrown in here and there). i'm just not a "color person"--not like this girl--but i kind of want to be, you know? so, i'm following the lead of my fashionista friend, and trying out the colored tights trend.  AND....i'm kind of LOVING IT!  it … [Read more...]

fashion{ish} post & order before date!

DSC_0744 copy

  dress:  Miss Chic jacket:  Meijer (yes, another cute one from the grocery store!) shoes (aka: booty wedge thingys):  Express embroidered necklace:  The Hollie Rogue Shop   i just LOVE a good black jacket and that sweetheart neckline cutout is so adorable!  thanks, sister, for letting me borrow your entire closet :).  oh, and we just … [Read more...]

fashion(ish) post–polka polka.

DSC_0557 (3

are polka dots the new stripes? i don't know...i feel like i heard that somewhere and well, i sure hope it's true. polka dots are just so fresh and fun to wear AND they sure look great with one of our embroidered pendant necklaces in amazing fall- colored corduroy! Top & tank:  Target Boots:  Maurices Blazer: Laundry via … [Read more...]

fashion(ish) post–my comfortable place.


  sometimes people tell me, "oh you're so dressed up" when i am wearing a dress.  but, for me, an outfit with a dress, leggings, and a good pair of boots is my comfortable place.  i'd take that get-up before jeans any day.  maybe it's the baby poof, i now enjoy around my midsection, or maybe i just like to look "pulled together" even when … [Read more...]

fall wears.


  so, indiana (where i just was for 2 weeks) is in serious Fall/Winter mode.  thankfully, here, at home, i can still go barefoot and wear short sleeves---at least for a few more weeks. BUT.... while i was in indiana, i took full advantage of the fall staples--boots, scarves, and sweatshirts! cowl:  Melodyjoy1983 this may be … [Read more...]

fashion{ish} post: who says?

  who says you can't wear corduroy at the beach? i'm not a huge fan of shorts, so this simple, neutral skirt did the trick in complimenting the LOUD shirt. shirt: target skirt: O.L.D sandals: target sunglasses: target i like sue me. Stop by the shop for a limited time offer! … [Read more...]