patterned paint roller giveaway!

patterned paint roller

  eeekk!  you guys are in for a treat today! remember, my patterned paint roller wall tutorial from last week?  well, Michelle at Not Wallpaper, has decided to give two of you a full set with your choice of pattern!  that means you get the patterned roller, the paint roller, and applicator absolutely FREE (a $40 value)! all … [Read more...]

Rich in Blessings + happy valentines + giveaway!


  oh, valentine's day, i love to celebrate love but reject the pressures of expectations that come with this hallmark holiday.  we do little in way of gifts, but love just celebrating our blessings as a family and married couple.  i'll be making some delicious steaks and you know, in this house, there WILL be chocolates (the hubby's a … [Read more...]

i love newbies & a giveaway!


  oh, how i love new bloggers!  not that i'm some veteran, but after doing it for a couple of years, i just love to think back to when i first started blogging and how much excitement and newness this whole "world" held for me.  i honestly didn't even know there was this amazing community online back then.  boy am i glad i found YOU!  … [Read more...]

worth your read & a giveaway!


  today, i’m sharing with you some posts that i deem “worth your read.” click over and check them out for yourself! also, don’t forget to enter the double giveaway below—so easy to enter and some really great stuff for the upcoming holiday season. 1. who knew cake pops were this easy?  (i've always been to scared to try them) 2.  … [Read more...]

Embroidered Hoop Art Giveaway!

IMG_5001_original copy

  it's monday, it's the week before thanksgiving, and it's time for an-all-time favorite friend of mine to give away something beautiful! i'm so thankful to have met Nat in real-life and become instant friends.   we stalk each other daily and daydream about being neighbors someday (i'm pretty sure our ex-band-playing husbands would be … [Read more...]

shabby apple $75 shop credit giveaway!


  --this giveaway is now closed:  the winner is Joanna!  email me, girl to claim your prize :)!---   anybody like free, beautiful clothing? oh, you do?  me too and today the amazing folks at  Shabby Apple  are giving YOU an opportunity to win $75 gift card that you can use to buy any of their beautiful retro dresses or … [Read more...]

worth your read & a double giveaway!


  today, i'm sharing with you some posts that i deem "worth your read." click over and check them out for yourself! also, don't forget to enter the double giveaway below---so easy to enter and some really great stuff for the upcoming holiday season. ........ 1.  oh, i can't get over what an encouragement this "31 days" series has … [Read more...]

FREE Thanksgiving Printables from the Paper Plume!


  ok, shut the door. today, i have an amazing treat for you! my friend, Jessica, from The Paper Plume created for me and for YOU the most beautiful table printables for our Thanksgiving tabletops this year. we worked together to choose colors, theme, and overall feel (but, who am i kidding, she did all of the hard work). … [Read more...]

$25 to Anthropologie from two hoots and a holler.

yep, you read that post title correctly,......$25 gift card to THE Anthropologie.  (my favorite store---and my birthday is quickly approaching....just sayin'.. ahem). before you just skip the pretty face and jump to the AMAZING giveaway, though, get to know my friend, Mae and her incredible story of love, sacrifice, and patience as they await … [Read more...]

worth your read & an adorable wallet + free ad space!

today, I have HAND PICKED my favorite posts, products, or series from each of these awesome supporters of mine and am sharing with you what i dub as “WORTH YOUR READ.”  Don’t forget to let these ladies know i sent you when you stop by and encourage them with your kind words! 1.  who's having twins?  yes, that will make 4 under 3---yowzers!  have … [Read more...]