perfection weather.


  the long weekend had just about as perfect weather as you can get.  warm, but breezy, sunny, but not scorching.  i got the first hints of a summer tan and we spent most of Saturday morning at our local, annual strawberry festival.  we grilled out on monday and jon and i had a MUCH NEEDED … [Read more...]

3 Great Ideas for Mother’s Day (and Graduation) Gifts.


you know, Mother's day is just around the corner and like most moms, i like to play it all cool and all "all-i-need-is-you" but then am at least a teensy bit sad when not even a card appears on my"special day." (not that that has happened to me before--ahem).   so in the spirit of helping the husbands/kids out there, i thought i would throw out a … [Read more...]

holy cow december was a whirlwind. it’s january…what!


yes, i know i'm totally late to the whole, "i can't believe it's the beginning of a new year" thing, but I CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S THE BEGINNING OF A NEW YEAR! there, now that we got that out of the way…'s a little photo recap of our blur of a Christmas.  it was a great one though!   Sister's preschool program---i … [Read more...]

small town christmas


i grew up in a small, quaint town, then moved to the "burbs" of DC, and then moved back to a small town.  and, can i just tell you, i have grown to appreciate and adore everything that a close-knit small-town community has to offer.  on saturday, jon's parents joined us for the annual Christmas parade.  it was chilly, but honestly, pretty near … [Read more...]

advent preparations!

truth in the tinsel

i'm passionate about making the christmas season much more about Jesus than about Santa, and one way our family hopes to do that is by spending each day in December in a way that is reflective on the story of Jesus' birth. Click here to visit Truth in the Tinsel. we have used (and will use again this year), the awesome, easy, quick, and … [Read more...]

halloween, you’re not my favorite.

DSC_0159 copy

i've gone the entire day without uttering the words, "happy halloween" and i'm completely fine with that. halloween, is really my very least holiday, and when i mentioned that i didn't like it very much, Sister, promptly responded with "come on, mom, you just have to try it and then maybe you'll like it."  (oh, she's heard that before, … [Read more...]

something that really breaks me.

DSC_0799 copy

  growing up, i didn't know anyone who was in the military and only a few who had relatives who were involved. i didn't grow up going to school with "military kids" who moved a lot. patriotism was something we mostly only showed at basketball games when we sang the national anthem. i didn't really "get" the impact and sacrifice … [Read more...]

strawberry festival = greatest family day ever!


  the entire holiday weekend was full of fun and family time together. there were minimal meltdowns and so many moments of laughing and just all-around good times. on a very cold and windy saturday morning, we went to a nearby strawberry festival that happened to be located in the most beautiful national park we'd ever seen.  it was … [Read more...]

a different easter.


  so i read this post the week before Easter  and could NOT shake its effect on me (hello, Holy Spirit---i hear you loud and clear.) "Church, let’s bring Jesus’ hope into the darkness this Easter – the lonely street corners, the strip clubs, the shelters, the prisons, the sad places. We can push back the darkness, because God “in his … [Read more...]

20 Valentine Gift ideas for Kids

vday gift ideas for kids

  before we know it, Valentine's Day will be here.  i'm not generally a huge gift-giver, but for the Holiday of LOVE, jon and i like to give our kids something small to show them how thankful we are to be the ones who get to love them as parents.  we always give them a book and write a little note in the front cover.  when they leave the … [Read more...]