a date day & an update.

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  i can't believe it's been half a month since i last spent time on my little corner of the internet.  i've missed you and thought i'd update you a bit on our summer happenings. 1.  the bad pregnancy dreams stopped the day i posted about them (thanks for praying, friends!) 2.  I'm now in my 34th week of pregnancy and feeling the … [Read more...]

fathers day 2013.

fathers day 2013

  we spent Father's Day 2013 with our dear friends, Wes and Chelsea who were visiting from Indiana for a long weekend..... ....having breakfast in bed .....going to church .....playing at the park .....eating at jon's favorite pizza place .....and just relaxing on the deck, playing euchre after the kids went to bed. it was … [Read more...]

sometimes a man….

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  sometimes a man just needs to come home from a rough day at work and... eat a pork chop, drink a craft beer, light a fire, and listen to the game under the sunset. tonight is one of those nights. thank you, Lord, for your provision and peace in the midst of chaos. … [Read more...]

she’s 4


  can it really be? was it four years ago already that that little baby girl changed my world and made me a momma? i've loved every minute of it (well, almost every minute) and am so happy to see what a little lady she is becoming! we celebrated Sister's birthday in Indiana with my family and my grandparents.  it was a low-key … [Read more...]

Tell Your Story {a link up}–6 years.


  cohosting with Amanda from Royal Daughter Designs today! be sure to stop by and read her Story too! TO READ MORE ABOUT this series, click HERE. #tellyourstory on … [Read more...]

Tell Your Story {a link up}–to Know and be Known

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cohosting with Nat from Take the Cannoli today! be sure to stop by and read her Story too!  TO READ MORE ABOUT this series, click HERE. ok, tiny spiel before my actual story:  i've been reading Angie Smith's book- Mended and it's been preaching to me, sisters!  one thing that has stuck out and affirms my convictions for us all to share our … [Read more...]

things unplanned.

  sometimes things just don't go like you plan them. heck, actually much of the time things don't go as planned. sometimes, you get so excited to see a long-distance real life and blogging friend for the first time in 3 years, and then without warning your daughter throws up all over you (and doesn't even spare the space between … [Read more...]

love story. {vol 4} the wedding.

so we met at college (sort of), dated long distance, got engaged at a christmas tree farm, and .... .....1 year and 1 month after his proposal, jon and i "sealed the deal" in my hometown church in Indiana. it was a beautiful day (i mean, literally, December is never sunny with blue skies in IN and it was that day)!   christmas is a … [Read more...]

love story–the proposal. {vol 3}

 love story part 1, part 2 (in case you missed them) ....i had been living here for a few months and it was my first winter near the appalachian mountains, so jon asked me to go cut down a christmas tree at his favorite tree farm.  it's a gorgeous place--set on the side of a mountain and overlooking more mountains in the distance. via the … [Read more...]

love story. {vol.2}

if you  missed the sweet beginnings of our love story, click HERE to catch up. .....so i was in Indiana (still a junior in college) and Jon was on the east coast working and going to school and we charged ahead with a long distance relationship that continued through my final year of college (and student teaching.....dun, dun, dun...). there … [Read more...]