Lil’ sis is 7 months.


seven months ago, Baby Girl was added to our family and we have been blessed by her every moment since! as we face this week as our last before the surgery (a week from today), we celebrate how much growth and joy Hazel has accomplished in her short seven months. she's almost sitting up consistently by herself, smiling at anyone and everyone … [Read more...]

…and just when you think it might be sort of close to the beginning of spring…..


  …...THIS HAPPENS.   i have to take cute photos of snowflake-catching, or i just might lose my mind!  happy snow day, friends! … [Read more...]

6 months (and some cute photos).


  yesterday's post wasn't as fun as today's!  Hazel is officially half a year old and is doing nearly all the things a healthy 6 month old should be doing despite her diagnosis with cortical dysplasia. she coos, flaps all of her arms and legs around when she gets really excited, rolls over (but only if she really has to, we are … [Read more...]

moving toward surgery.


(i love how she likes to sleep with both arms behind her head--just chillaxin!) Baby Girl is 6 months old today. she's cooing and rolling and being pretty much all-around great! the neurologist called today to explain that she presented Hazel's case to the larger epilepsy team at Children's National and the board was in agreement, after … [Read more...]

frozen (in time).


  last week we had a big snow storm.  we went to bed with no snow and woke up to over 2 feet of snow on the ground!  there was a lot of shoveling, fire-building, and snowball throwing. tea-parties all around! …also, i really would love to "freeze" each of the kids at this age.  they are just so … [Read more...]

Hazel: 5 months.

hazel 5 months

another month older and we just can't tell you how much joy this little baby has added to our lives!  she's the smiliest, happiest, squishiest babe in all the land and we love her so much! Lil' Sis has continued to thrive and develop on schedule despite the seizures.  the meds continue to help but not completely stop them.  she's generally … [Read more...]

Big Sis is 5! (a “Frozen” birthday party)


(Jon and Hollis share the same birthday, so on their real birthday, i made them this cake and we ate it for breakfast!) yep, I have a five-year old (insert major eyebrow raise and momma-panic-attack from how the time could possibly pass this fast) and because we do a "big" party every other year, this was Sister's year for hers.  She chose … [Read more...]



  getting a diagnosis that has the words "brain cell malformation" is never easy and has caused Jon and I many moments of stress and anxiety about Hazel's future.  we have gone to that place of doom and gloom and we have had many thoughts about how God can and will use her for great things and for His Glory.  it's a roller-coaster for … [Read more...]

a quarter of a year already—& a movie.


can you believe that my little sweet baby is already 4 months old today?!  i was inspired to start playing around with iMovie by my friend, Bri, and her beautiful "snow day" video.  mine's definitely not perfect, but i know that it will be treasured for years to come. music:  "Bones" by Hillsong United Hazel is doing "normal" four-month … [Read more...]

holy cow december was a whirlwind. it’s january…what!


yes, i know i'm totally late to the whole, "i can't believe it's the beginning of a new year" thing, but I CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S THE BEGINNING OF A NEW YEAR! there, now that we got that out of the way…'s a little photo recap of our blur of a Christmas.  it was a great one though!   Sister's preschool program---i … [Read more...]