11 months–can it really be?


  yesterday, Hazel turned 11 months old.  she's doing amazingly well (still seizure-free!). we went to follow up with neurology today and they are happy with her progress. here are her stats: 20lbs 2 teeth crawling (with a slight hitch on the right side--probably from the surgery, but nothing to be too worried … [Read more...]

10 months.

hazel 10

10 short and long months ago, we welcomed our sweet baby girl into our family.  a lot has happened since then but she continues to light up all of our days with her belly laughs, squishy wrists, and sarcastic grins timely played when one of the other two kids are getting disciplined! she's a lifter of spirits, a quiet fighter, and an-all-around … [Read more...]

Hazel turns 9 months.


hazel turned 9 months last week and is continuing to develop and change by the day it seems!  we have started some physical therapy twice a month to help with the little motor delays that we've seen, but she's really doing great and catching up pretty nicely. she's pushing up, scooting around (backward), doing the hands-and-knees-rock, and even … [Read more...]

strawberry-picking twenty fourteen.


last weekend was one of those where the weather was perfect, jon was home, and there just wasn't anything "pressing" to do.  those weekends, for us, are few and far between so it was like a big, deep breath of (literal) mountain air. we spent saturday strawberry-picking and raiding a historic log cabin estate sale down the road from our house. … [Read more...]

ch, ch, changes.


  as if our lives haven't had enough unexpectedness since Hazel was born, our next few months are forecasting a lot of changes themselves. one of the biggest changes is that we decided to homeschool Hollis for kindergarten next year.  but it's not going to look like what you probably are picturing in your head right now. around … [Read more...]

perfection weather.


  the long weekend had just about as perfect weather as you can get.  warm, but breezy, sunny, but not scorching.  i got the first hints of a summer tan and we spent most of Saturday morning at our local, annual strawberry festival.  we grilled out on monday and jon and i had a MUCH NEEDED … [Read more...]

preschool graduation.


  hold the phone.  Sister "graduated" preschool today!  i'm not really sure why they do these "graduations" except that they are just about the most adorable thing to ever happen on the face of the planet and cause more tears for mama's who already know their babies are growing up WAY too fast.  (they do it on purpose, right?  i mean, … [Read more...]

8 months old!


  Baby Girl is 8 months old today and she's continuing to do great with no seizures since the surgery!  God has been so good to us and we have seen so many little things emotionally and financially that just remind us on a daily basis that He sees us and is lovingly providing for our needs. Hazel is rolling all around these days and is … [Read more...]

joy comes in the morning.


  spring has sprung here in Virginia. the azaleas are nearly in full bloom. the tiny baby poplar leaves are growing larger by the day. the sun is shining. the windows are open. Brother looks for worms from early morning until dinner time. end-of-year school events are filling up our days (hello, it's only preschool--can i … [Read more...]

remember the wonders He has performed.


"Give thanks to the Lord and proclaim his greatness.     Let the whole world know what he has done. Sing to him; yes, sing his praises.     Tell everyone about his wonderful deeds. Exalt in his holy name;     rejoice, you who worship the Lord. Search for the Lord and for his strength;     continually seek him. Remember the wonders he has … [Read more...]