ch, ch, changes.


  as if our lives haven't had enough unexpectedness since Hazel was born, our next few months are forecasting a lot of changes themselves. one of the biggest changes is that we decided to homeschool Hollis for kindergarten next year.  but it's not going to look like what you probably are picturing in your head right now. around … [Read more...]

hospitality and efficient homemaking (an ebook)

DSC_0915 copy

growing up, i still have the memories of my mom and us girls rushing around the house trying to clean up before somebody came over to visit.  those memories aren't really the best of my childhood and even so, i find myself in the same habit of rushing around, stressing out, and maybe even getting snippy with my kids at the mention of guests. i … [Read more...]

stitchfix #5–mid pregnancy and all

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oh, the hubby got a little creative with that one--:) so, i got my latest Stitchfix box yesterday and was really doubting if anything would fit or look good on this mid-pregnancy body of mine.  even though they don't do maternity clothes, i made sure to up my profile sizes and also leave a note for my online stylist that i was pregnant and … [Read more...]

the forever kind.

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  friends.  you know the kind. the kind that you grew up with. the kind that you made mistakes with. the kind that loved you anyway even though you had ugly hair and a laundry list of insecurities. the kind that no matter how long it's been since you've seen them or talked to them, you start right where you left off. the kind … [Read more...]

i’m not going to say it.

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  i feel like a broken record around here, but i'm not going to say anything about my desire for the S-P-R-I-N-.... word. get here. now. ....for snow to go away. forever. ....or for my daffodils to have a fighting chance at opening and looking glorious on my tabletop. nope, not going to say it. and dang it if … [Read more...]


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  man, was i gung ho about blogging at the beginning of 2013.  i had what i thought was a great year's plan full of blogging and personal goals.   i was ready to take my sponsorships up a notch with more in-depth mentorships and even started my antique/refurbish furniture business venture.  i was expectant and excited about the year ahead … [Read more...]

the weekend of something much needed.


  it's the weather.  it's the fact that everyone in our house seems to be sick (which means throwing fits).  it's the short days and the new neighborhood. but whatever it is, it's no secret that come last friday afternoon, i was spent.  i knew what i needed was some adult conversation with my girlfriends. book club was scheduled … [Read more...]

authentically you + random stuff.

  "Many of us spend so much of our lives wishing or pretending we were somebody different from who we are, we never get to experience the sheer freedom of just being ourselves."  (from The Resolution for Women by Priscilla Shirer)   Source: via ╰☆Melissa on Pinterest   *our weekend was super … [Read more...]

moving on after moving in.

  so here's the thing. i sort of expected that the first few months after moving to our new house (which i love and am so thankful for) would be a little challenging and stressful. every move is like that to some extent, right? i knew that it would be an adjustment with most of my friends (and their kids) being now 45-60 … [Read more...]

hello monday.

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  hello, monday. hello,  seriously cold winter air. hello, freezing rain. hello, changed plans. hello, tea parties. hello, packing for Indiana. hello, nerves for my new antique-shop endeavors. hello, newly painted furniture. hello, jon starting his last MBA semester! hello, my latest stitchfix "fix."  … [Read more...]