easy, DELICIOUS, sprinkle number cake tutorial.

sprinkle cake tutorial

  i'm a cake person. more precisely, a cake and ice cream person.  seriously, it just doesn't get much better for me.  cookies, nah.  pie, sure, most days.  but moist, flavorful, not-t00-sweet frosted cake?  YES, please! of course, it's always fun for it to look pretty at the same time that it tastes great.  everyone was raving about Sister's … [Read more...]

patterned paint roller tutorial (Not Wallpaper).

patterned paint roller wall

  i had the awesome privilege of working with Not Wallpaper (a shop that sells patterned paint rollers) to decorate my entrance wall.  i knew i wanted something that looked like wallpaper with a fun pattern but didn't really want to spend the money or time actually wallpapering it.  this was the perfect solution, because it is just … [Read more...]

top 12 of 2012 (projects, tutorials, tears and laughs)!


   i thought it would be fun to look back on The Hollie Rogue in 2012, so i compiled my Top Projects and Posts in case you are new around here or missed any of them!  TOP 12 PROJECTS (according to you): 1.  washer stamped necklace 2.  sesame street birthday favor bags 3.  a girly(ish) sesame street themed birthday party + free … [Read more...]

Stamped Salt Dough Ornaments tutorial–the one that actually works!

DSC_0842 copy

  so i'm not going to lie....i tried some other pinterest recipe for salt dough ornaments.  and, well, it totally didn't work.  i was beyond frustrated with the gloppy dough, my broken (but now fixed) oven, and my daughter who wouldn't leave anything alone for more than a second. SOOO,...i regrouped, did some more researching for the … [Read more...]

DIY 30 minute wooden christmas tree tutorial.

DSC_0620 copy

  yep, i put in my blog title, so it must be true---you can make this adorable wooden christmas tree decor thingy in 30 minutes (minus finding/buying the wood). i saw something a little bit like this awhile back on, where else, pinterest HERE & HERE, but basically just went out into my garage, found some leftover wood pieces from … [Read more...]

DIY No-sew shorts from old dress pants tutorial.

like i said yesterday, the beach vacay is coming! shorts are needed. money is tightish. teacher dress pants are just collecting dust in the closet these days. solution? turn those dress pants into shorts! did i mention, there is no need to pull out the sewing machine? this is so easy, i debated on whether or not it needed a … [Read more...]

pinned & proven: custom He Said, She Said game tutorial

  time for another edition of Pinned & Proven--the whenever-i-feel-like-it series where i take something i've "pinned" via pinterest and either test its use or try to recreate it. today's "pin" is the He Said She Said bridal game.  my inspiration pins come from HERE &  HERE.  the game involves the guests guessing which one of the … [Read more...]

Coffee Filter Flowers Tutorial

*previously posted on Kelly's blog, but wanted to share it here, too* I have two little kids, 3 and 18 months, and love to do quick, easy, fairly-mess-free crafts with them, so today, i'd love to share with you this Coffee Filter Flowers project using  materials you ALREADY have in your pantry. Materials: 1.  coffee filters 2.  food … [Read more...]

Pinned & Proven: paper roses centerpiece tutorial.

i'm starting a new (do-whenever-i -feel-like-it) series called Pinned and Proven.  basically, i will be highlighting projects or ideas that i've "pinned" via Pinterest and then put into action to see if it really works well or not. (linky party, anyone?!) last weekend, i helped put together a bridal shower brunch and one of the big projects … [Read more...]

a girly{ish} sesame street themed birthday party.


i think i'm still tired from last weekend's party planning, but it went so well and everybody had a great time! especially this little fairy:   the decor:  we went with a sesame street theme with a leaning toward Abby Cadabby.  it was perfect because it was girly enough to appease the birthday girl, but neutral enough for all her … [Read more...]