a vintage inspired baby shower.


  i braved the long 10 hour trip with three kids last Friday and visited my family in Indiana.  the main reason i did so, was so that i could be there to celebrate my littlest sister's soon-to-arrive baby girl!  i had nothing to do with the theme or decorations, but man, were they cute and fit my sister's personality so … [Read more...]

easy, DELICIOUS, sprinkle number cake tutorial.

sprinkle cake tutorial

  i'm a cake person. more precisely, a cake and ice cream person.  seriously, it just doesn't get much better for me.  cookies, nah.  pie, sure, most days.  but moist, flavorful, not-t00-sweet frosted cake?  YES, please! of course, it's always fun for it to look pretty at the same time that it tastes great.  everyone was raving about … [Read more...]

Big Sis is 5! (a “Frozen” birthday party)


(Jon and Hollis share the same birthday, so on their real birthday, i made them this cake and we ate it for breakfast!) yep, I have a five-year old (insert major eyebrow raise and momma-panic-attack from how the time could possibly pass this fast) and because we do a "big" party every other year, this was Sister's year for hers.  She chose … [Read more...]

stitchfix #6 (on a lighter note…).


  the blog and my real life have been really "heavy" the past few months---postpartum, baby's diagnosis, medical bills, etc, but today, i'm going with a much lighter and MUCH less important part of my life---my wardrobe! now, who am i kidding, my closet is usually the LAST place that gets updated but i had some Stitchfix credits (thanks … [Read more...]

a quarter of a year already—& a movie.


can you believe that my little sweet baby is already 4 months old today?!  i was inspired to start playing around with iMovie by my friend, Bri, and her beautiful "snow day" video.  mine's definitely not perfect, but i know that it will be treasured for years to come. music:  "Bones" by Hillsong United Hazel is doing "normal" four-month … [Read more...]

holy cow december was a whirlwind. it’s january…what!


yes, i know i'm totally late to the whole, "i can't believe it's the beginning of a new year" thing, but I CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S THE BEGINNING OF A NEW YEAR! there, now that we got that out of the way…..here's a little photo recap of our blur of a Christmas.  it was a great one though!   Sister's preschool program---i … [Read more...]

hazel 3 months & some encouragement.


  first off, my little baby is growing like a weed!  she's got chins that don't quit and moving right out of her 3 month clothes into her 6 month.  she's getting close to rolling over and even sat in her bumbo for a few minutes today.  girl's got a strong neck on her! we are very happy to have our sweet baby feeling stronger, because … [Read more...]

hazel update (aka the longest blog post ever).


so many of you have texted or called about what is going on with Hazel, and it is long and involved, so i thought this would be the easiest way to fill you all in.  thanks for your continued prayers!  for more info on her diagnosis, click here.   last thursday into friday the seizures started to increase and when we talked to the neurologists … [Read more...]

small town christmas


i grew up in a small, quaint town, then moved to the "burbs" of DC, and then moved back to a small town.  and, can i just tell you, i have grown to appreciate and adore everything that a close-knit small-town community has to offer.  on saturday, jon's parents joined us for the annual Christmas parade.  it was chilly, but honestly, pretty near … [Read more...]

advent preparations!

truth in the tinsel

i'm passionate about making the christmas season much more about Jesus than about Santa, and one way our family hopes to do that is by spending each day in December in a way that is reflective on the story of Jesus' birth. Click here to visit Truth in the Tinsel. we have used (and will use again this year), the awesome, easy, quick, and … [Read more...]