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the hollie rogue is going on two years old.  we are growing in readers–daily,  and offer a wide range of post topics (regularly updated 4-6 times a week) including food, crafts, decor, thrifting, parenting, money saving, and photography.  i participate often with blog link parties and events in the wider blogosphere.  i can’t wait to meet you and develop a relationship that will help your blog or business grow!
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there will be two options offered for the months of Jan/Feb:

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 (i reserve the right to choose only sites that i like, myself, and products i can truthfully support)

Giveaways or Product Reviews
if you don’t want to sponsor, but want to send me something to review and share, i would be so happy to do that for you!  
STATS as of Dec 2012:
Followers via GFC, Facebook, Twitter, & Bloglovin’: 1,400+

~contact me today if interested~spots are on a first-come basis, so hurry!

my heart is for other like-minded women bloggers or small-business owners who want to build relationships and grow our blogs/businesses together. my goals are always to give my sponsors the ultimate VIP treatment when they use their hard-earned money to grace my sidebar. i’m always humbled when you choose me out of all the awesome blogs you have a chance to advertise with.

when you choose to sponsor The Hollie Rogue, i now work for you! i will organically tweet, facebook share, and pin posts, and shop products throughout the month.

i also believe we are a team and that means that when you create awesome tutorials, share a really meaningful post, or create a new product or sale, i want you to email me about it so that i can share it with my 1,400+ readers! communication is welcome and key to success.

another added bonus, is that i often share my sponsors in my monthly newsletter which, again, gets you exposure to more new friends!

when you sponsor my blog, i desire for us to become friends and build a relationship that encourages and uplifts one another.


i’m praying for clear direction and purpose for this online space in 2013 and would love for you to be part of that journey!


~Past Sponsor Testimonials~  For examples of past giveaways and highlight posts, click HERE.
Michelle from The Momma Bird:
“Honestly you are my HIGHEST referral url besides google, Facebook, Pinterest, and blog lovin’.  I am amazed at how much traffic you bring in!”

Erin from Living in Yellow:
“It has been such a pleasure being a sponsor of The Hollie Rogue! Andrea does an AWESOME job highlighting her Sponsors, I have always felt like she goes above and beyond what is expected. Daily I see visits from The Hollie Rogue on my Statcounter. Thank you Andrea for helping get the word out about my blog!”

Sarah from The Fontenot Four:
ALL month you have been in my top 10 for referrals to my blog.  I thank you so much for that!!   Actually, you’re the ONLY blog in my top 10 referrals! Everything else is facebook, pinterest, google, etc.